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    The Ghost Doctor Commercial

    The Ghost Doctor Commerial

    The Ghost Doctor Online Classes

    This is an introduction of the online classes offered by The Ghost Doctor.

    Getting Over The Common Cold

    This is one my free health tips and an important one. 

    these classes on energies and fear are coming soon...

    Why Can't I Sleep?

    What are we taking to bed with us that is keeping us awake all night? We need to clear the energies around us, return all of our stress and anxiety back to their original owners and delgate spiritually the rest of our to-do list. Then we will be free to sleep soundly.

    Why Do I Get Panic Attacks?

    90% of the stuff in our heads belongs to other people. We need to release our fears, anxiety and stress before they begin to spiral out of control.

    Why Does It Take So Long To Heal?

    We hold our emotions and energy in our muscles. This restriction from resentment, disappointment and frustration does not allow the energy to flow. We need to release these energies so the healing can begin. 

    emotions and money

    Why Am I So Angry? Why Am I So Sensitive?

    We are all too empathic today and attract all kinds of energies, like we are emotional magnets. When your emotions are interfering with your life, I need to show you how to protect yourself and use these emotions to your advantage.

    Why Is There Never Enough Money?

    Money is an energy. We need to change your relationship to money. Changing your thoughts and perceptions will allow money energy to come to you easily.

    Why Do I Feel Like An Emotional Roller Coaster?

    Spirit energies communicate with us through emotion. When these emotions are roller coasteering our of control and you feel like these thoughts are not your own, it's time to relocate these energies and get your feet back on the ground again.

    spirit energies

    What Are Spirit Energies?

    These energies can connect and interfere with our electrical centers, our head, next, shoulders and spine causing longterm pain. I need to show you how to disconnect from these energies and make the pain go away.


    This commercial is an introduction to my bestselling book, "My Haunted Reality".

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